achieving goals

so i finally posted the first of many blogs on my friend alina’s site,! it’s taken me a little more than a month to get started, but it’s there now and i’m pretty proud of it – i think alina likes it to. : – )  the post discusses the legend(s) of baba yaga and how i came to use her as a secondary character in my thesis/manuscript/novel. thanks to alina who’s been very patient while i attempted to create some order out of the chaos of my schedules. you can read and comment on the blog via the above link.

i’ve also secured one of the copy editor positions with! (happy dance!) it’s a volunteer position, but nonetheless, an important one. managing editor donna talarico maintains high standards for her monthly online publication, and i’m proud to have been accepted as a member of her community. it also gives me additional experience to add to my burgeoning writer/editor resume! thank you, donna, for this great opportunity!

meanwhile, i continue to work on the creation of my own online literary magazine. it’s still in the works. i’m learning the intricacies of such a venture and enjoying the ride. my mfa internship with etruscan press ( is a great help with the finer details, such as creating a 501(c)(3), business plan, business structure and researching grants. no specific target date yet for the launch of the site, but i’ll be sure to let you know when i’ve narrowed it down.

meanwhile, loving the broadening of my writerly horizons, and hoping that all these educational and volunteer writing/editing adventures eventually fashion themselves into a viable career. until then, county government will continue to be the primary beneficiary of my (paid) administrative skills.


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