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Sunshine Authors Tour

Happy New Year, All! I have exciting news to share in my first post of 2013!

sunshine-tour-button-180b Eleven young adult authors will be on the #SunshineTour in Southeastern cities, including Miami, Tampa and Orlando! The following authors will be touring (with some possible guest appearances) in Florida and border states:

J.A. Sonders (RENEGADE), Karen Amanda Hooper (GRASPING AT ETERNITY), Jenny Torres Sanches (THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING CHARLIE), Anna Banks (OF POSEIDON), Lucienne Diver (VAMPED series & BAD BLOOD), Danielle Joseph (SHRINKING VIOLET, INDIGO BLUES and PURE RED), Heather Burch (GUARDIAN), Christina Diaz Gonzalez (A THUNDEROUS WHISPER), Gaby Triana (RIDING THE UNIVERSE), Trish Doller (SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL), and Jessica Martinez (VIRTUOSITY and THE SPACE BETWEEN US).

“Like” them on Facebook: For more information about their scheduled stops, and to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway – signed and personalized copies of each authors’ book (or book of your choice if they’ve written more than one) – head on over to:

You DO NOT have to live in Florida or one of the border states to enter the giveaway it’s open to anyone living in the USA.

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YA Reader’s Dream

I’m absolutely salivating over this giveaway by ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Series author Beth RevisShare the Love of YA: of a library (almost 50 books!) of SIGNED YA novels – winning would really MAKE my Christmas! – And I would love to keep it to myself so I have a better chance of winning, but (ironically) my chances of increase when I share the news, so….

I’ve posted before about my recent on-going love affair with YA books, but as it’s the month of giving thanks (though thanksgiving should happen every month, don’t you think?), I’m once again expressing my thanks and love for YA. Since I ungraciously (at first) caved about a year ago (seduced by the evocative cover of Laini Taylor’s THE DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE) to the enchantment of YA, I just can’t get enough. I’ve lost myself for hours within the pages of such tomes as Suzanne Collins’ THE HUNGER GAMES Trilogy, Sarah J. Maas’ THRONE OF GLASS, Leigh Bardugo’s SHADOW & BONE, Robin LeFevers’ GRAVE MERCY and Laini Taylor’s very worth sequel DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT (LOVE the titles of this series!). There are so many more worth mentioning – and reviewing (I’ve got to finish and post those reviews!) – but it would be a very long post indeed if I were to list ALL my favorites.

So, if you love books and YA novels in particular, as I do, then head right over to Beth Revis’ blog and complete your own entry(ies) for her signed YA novels giveaway!

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