Twilight Zone Tuesday

I think I entered The Twilight Zone when I woke up this morning. It’s been a day of VERY unusual occurrences. Here’s my evidence:


  • None of my usual programs worked this morning when I first logged into my work computer. I had to shut it down twice before it would work. Guess it needed virtual caffeine…
  • Publisher’s Clearinghouse (or is it “Clearing House?” … whatev’s) called me mid-morning (on my cell phone, from a local number) to tell me that I’m one of 5 finalists for the $2 million cash prize! (Yay, me!!) And that I’d be getting FREE $500 to spend at ANY of my local stores (Wal-Mart, Target, etc. – how about Barnes & Noble!!), AND I get 6 magazines OF MY CHOICE!! The ONLY thing they need from me, is S&H. When I started to ask why I have to PAY for something FREE, the guy hung up on me. (Was it something I said???)
  • About an hour later (is this a conspiracy??) I get a call from ANOTHER local number (cell phone again, male caller) asking to speak with “Hayden, please.” Well, Hayden is my son, but he has his own phone number, so….what??? The conversation went something like this:
    • Me: This is his mother. Why do you need to speak with him?
    • Caller: Oh. How old is he?
    • Me: (!!!!! Why is an unknown male calling me asking for my son’s age????) He’s a minor.
    • Caller: Well I need to know his age, so I can cancel this loan.
    • Me: What loan???
    • Caller: He applied for a loan using this phone number…
    • Me: He’s a minor. You can cancel the loan.
    • Caller: So how old is he? 16?
    • Me: Why does his age matter? I already told you he’s a MINOR; he’s UNDER 18. WHICH age under 18 shouldn’t matter.
    • Caller: But what’s his age?
    • Me: His AGE doesn’t matter, he’s UNDER 18. Cancel the loan.
    • Caller: But…
    • Me: Seriously? *CLICK*

See what I mean? 😮 :/


I think the next call I get to my cell phone from an unknown local number will start with me answering: “Hello. You should know I work in Law Enforcement, I have a brain, and I’m not afraid to use it.”



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