The Definition of Irony (aka, In Pursuit of the Perfect…Soap…Redux)

Last week Friday, after posting about my frustrating search for sandalwood soap, and after ordering several bars from, I visited a Marshall’s store, since I was in the general area, just to check out their stock of soaps. This is one of the stores (several different branches) I’ve visited for months in search of Plantlife’s sandalwood soap, since Marshall’s was where I found it originally.

Strolling back to the Intimates section, where all the hair, face & body products are stocked, I searched the soaps for mine. You’ll never guess what I found.

Sandalwood & Patchouli soap

Okay, you guessed it (the picture was a dead give-away, wasn’t it). Sandalwood soap by Plantlife. Not only that, I also found a bar of sandalwood/patchouli (wrapped in pretty paper). Yes, I bought both. First, because you can never have too much of a thing you love (i.e. Sandalwood Soap), and second, because I have a bestie who loves patchouli, in all its forms, and that’s just the kind of friend I am. 🙂

If that let-me-ignore-you-for-a-while-and-see-what-happens strategy works with stores carrying sandalwood soap, I wonder what ELSE it will work with… Hmmmmm….

#isntitironic #MondayBlogs

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