Now Available In PRINT

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!  It’s here!! It’s here!!!

**happy dance**

**uncontrollable wriggling**

My lovely book is now available IN PRINT on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!! You can purchase the book (IN PRINT!!) here:


**stroking the pretty on my screen**


I will be ordering my very own copies (yes, COPIES, because an author can NEVER have too many copies of her own books – IN PRINT!!! – on hand for the benefit of potential buyers) within the next few days. Now, all of my friends and family who have promised to buy copies, put your money where your mouth is! Even if you’ve read a previous version, you NEED to read this one, because there is a new first chapter (the previous 1st chapter is still there, it was simply “massaged” into the second chapter), new scenes, and other extended scenes. So even though it’s the same book that was epub’d 2 years ago, it’s BETTER! 🙂 Sort of like the Director’s Cut of a movie versus the original DVD release. 😉
And I’m happy to autograph upon request. If you live more than a day’s drive away (because those of you who live within a day’s drive should be able to just jump in your respective vehicles – with your books – and come visit me), feel free to snail mail your copies and I’ll personalize them and ship back to you…along with some very special SOAC SWAG for company!! (If you don’t know what “swag” – pronounced “schhhhwag” – is, you need to read more books) 😉

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