Counting Blessings (& getting sidetracked)

Today is a day of Thanksgiving. No, we haven’t suddenly fast-forwarded to November. I just feel like celebrating all the ways in which I’m blessed. Perhaps my thanksgiving-fest will inspire others to do the same and give me even more reasons to be thankful.

Thankful that school is almost over Stay strong! (only 9 weeks to go!!!) – think I’m beginning to dislike (public) school almost as much as my 8th Grader (his school, or the school district, is at least partially to blame as it’s taken half the school year of beating my head against the brick wall of teachers to get that brick wall to start MOVING!)…we’re going to try private school next year…if I can afford it…maybe I’ll try – Help Me Send My ADHD/Asperger Teenager to Private School Where They’ll Hopefully Focus on Social & Behavioral Skills as Much as Academia…it could work…..;

Thankful to be a part (hopefully an integral part) of an awesome team of people who put their hearts and minds daily into making Booktrope a contender in the publishing world. I’m so grateful for all the editing and proofreading (since I’m a Grammar Nazi at heart 😉 ) projects that have (almost literally) come knocking at my door (well, virtual door, anyway). I’ve met and become friends with so many kindred spirits of the written word, and am honored to be numbered among them;

Through Booktrope, Brain on ADHD I’ve come to know and work with many of the talented, beautiful people who are part of Stigma Fighters. In the short time I’ve worked (and continue to work) with them, I’ve learned so much about my son’s and my own mental health issues and that we’re not alone. There are people out there rooting for us, and I’m rooting for them #StigmaFightersUnite;

I’m so thankful for my family – especially my parents – who supports me, through thick and thin, even when they disagree with my choices, who are present as much as they can be in mine and my son’s lives. I love them so much and can never hope to thank them enough for all they’ve done, and continue to do, for us;

I’m thankful for a strong, supportive church family who continually prays for my son and me, who show their love in so many big and little ways, and thankful that God hasn’t given up on me (or my kiddo), that He’s still workin’ on us;

I’m thankful for both my bestie ADHD serenity prayer who knows wayyyy too much about me, but loves and hangs with me anyway, and my therapist, who provides a comfy couch and a safe place for me to vent, cry, and share the dark side of me.  My bestie GETS both me and my kiddo (she has a bit of ADHD herself 😉 ), and I can always depend upon her when I need a laugh. And even though my therapist (she’s also my son’s therapist) gets paid to talk and listen to both me and my kiddo, her personality and manner are such that visits with her are more like spending time with a long-time, sympathetic friend.

And last but not least, I’m thankful for my (sometimes wacky) sense of humor. Oh, yes, there is many a time my ability to see the humor in most situations (and find or create memes for them) helps me stay sane. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh. If I can make someone almost pee with laughter (or giggle or chuckle – I’m not picky), then my day is made and the anxiety and depression that constantly sit on the back burner of my psyche, waiting for the perfect moment to make themselves felt, are once again put in their place…on the back burner.

These are all things I’m thankful for today, this week, this month, this year – there are many other things for which I’m thankful, but don’t have anymore attention to spare to writing this post, especially after all the revisions I made because I needed to add JUST. ONE. MORE. THING. (!!!) Yes, there are things that I feel are missing in my life, but at this moment, I choose to dwell on the blessings. Count your blessings and….squirrel!! 🙂

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