from the poet side…

Sitting at the red light
I close my eyes
Sink into my subconscious
Slough off worries of the day
Block out glare of tail lights
From the vehicle in front of me
Feel light change
From red to green and
Wake to the world again.


Diamond hard stones of ice
plummet from the sky
blinding shafts of light
shatter the gray
shadows before my eyes, in my heart
as i watch you die.

Weather Witch

Ribbons of rain
Reflect the spirit within
Beauty in rage and sorrow
Cleansing away impurities

Silver lighting streaks across the sky
Reflected in my eyes
Thunder roars not far away
Echoing the inner chaos

Arms raised to the heavens
Tears dance with the rain
Power owned and accepted
I never wanted this


Splintering, fragmenting
emotional upheaval
Obsessive compulsive
grasping for leverage
Tizzy psyche
tumultuous ruminations

Synecdoche Song

I see so many wonders
hidden within your limbs.
The nectar of your fruit
sweet and bitter sings
a siren’s song.

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