Working The Bucket-list

Everyone has a Bucket-list. The things they wish to do before they’re too old (or too senile, or too disinterested, or too dead…you get the picture) to do them. One of the things on my Bucket-list (right after getting published) has always been to get paid for reading.

Reading is a lifelong addiction of mine, I’m very good at it, and enjoy multiple genres. Ever since I knew getting paid to read was a REAL THING (since about the time I started college), I’ve wanted to do it.

I can now cross this ambition off my Bucket-list. For several months, I’ve been editing and proofing (i.e. GETTING PAID TO READ!) for my publisher, Booktrope!! The best things about working for this publisher is that I get to pick my own projects, I’ve met some phenomenal people who share my addiction to the written word, and I earn royalties for EACH BOOK I edit and/or proof!! Perhaps my favorite thing of all is when the author asks me to work with them AGAIN, AND recommends me to fellow authors. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Since I know you’re just DYING to ask which books are on my Editor/Proofreader resume, here’s a list of those currently available. Others are still in the printing phases, but I’ll update the list in a separate post as they become available. 🙂


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